Roger Federer: 'I really hope on-court coaching doesn't join ATP Tour'

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Roger Federer: 'I really hope on-court coaching doesn't join ATP Tour'

The mid-match coaching is one of the rules experimented at the Milan's Next Gen ATP Finals. It's unclear whether this rule will be introduced on the ATP Tour. Roger Federer gave his thoughts on it. 'I really hope it doesn't (enter).

I really do', said Federer. 'Hanging on. If it does happen, it's hopefully after I'm done playing. I really don't think it's necessary. I don't think it's fair maybe necessarily, because not everybody can afford a coach.

It's just not right. We'll see girlfriends walking out, we'll see parents walking out. It's not going to be pretty, you know, (smiling). It just won't. It will look amateur‑like in my opinion. Yeah, I hope we'll stay as far away from that idea.' Federer doesn't believe that on-court coaching influences the WTA Tour on a bad note.

'Seems like it's working. Maybe commentary likes it. They have a different angle to talk about. Clearly when the coach comes on and they go on a three‑game losing streak, that wasn't helpful (smiling). But it is what it is.

it's not the coach's mistake; it's not the player's mistake. Might be, who knows? But I just think tennis is one of those sports maybe we should ‑‑it's nice. It's cool to figure it out yourself. You can look over to your coach for comfort and support, but other than that, I think tennis is one of maybe ‑‑ could or should be one of those unique sports where you don't get coaching.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer fumes at Cincinnati Masters umpire: 'Just say: "I am sorry"