Roger Federer: 'I have not had a cramp since 1999'

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Roger Federer: 'I have not had a cramp since 1999'

Roger Federer is proud of his longevity. The Swiss player thinks that being fit physically is the key for him to compete at the highest level. 'I feel like I've worked hard and gotten really fit,' Federer said explaining why he is still competing.

'You need to be able to back yourself. Doesn't matter how long the match goes. You know you got to be ready. You know you're going to be fine. Haven't had a cramp since 1999. That was my only time, in Davis Cup, when I was panicky.

I was young. I'm very proud of that. Never pulled out. Never had cramps. Never lost very much because of fitness, especially later on in my career where I knew, okay, I've put in the hard work, I've done that. Then my game followed because it allowed me to get to balls faster.

It improved my defense. I became faster and quicker and more nimble on the court. That's when my potential all of a sudden went into this league that I never thought possible. I've been very fortunate and clever as well, I guess, to understand how I need to work, when I need to work.

So I'm very happy to have stayed injury‑free for so long. 'It was amazing times back then playing on the tour, because those were the guys I knew from TV. Those are the guys that are not old guys, they are the guys I knew from TV, guys I maybe wanted to play against one day, but it's such a far away dream you don't think it's ever going to happen.

Next thing you know you're right in the mix of it. I must say it's very, very special, and I will always look back at that as some of the best days of my playing days.' Federer finally commented on his family: 'Now that I have four kids, it changes a little bit, but not necessarily as much.

This time around we know how it works, how to handle it, whereas the first time around, when the girls were born, everything was very new. It was very different. It definitely changed your routines around a little bit. In some ways kids dictate the plan, but at the same time you also have your own life which you can do besides it.

I must say, we were able to balance those two things actually very well. It wasn't easy, no doubt about it. It's still a challenge every single day. But I really feel very lucky that my kids and my wife can travel with me, we can make it work.

I think it's a great education, as well, to be on the road for the kids, as long as it is healthy. It cannot be that they don't like it, that we will be staying one place too short. But I feel like we have enough time to settle.

They enjoy the traveling part, going to new places. I must say it's very enjoyable. It's something you should definitely look forward to.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'Nobody should be feeling sorry for me or Rafael Nadal'