Roger Federer: Maybe other guys will say differently, but I am a funny guy

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Roger Federer: Maybe other guys will say differently, but I am a funny guy

Roger Federer spoke for the second time in a week in Cincinnati about the funny Match for Africa video promo with him and Rafael Nadal back in 2010. Is that the real Federer, so funny and entertained? 'I don't know,' the 37-year-old said.

'I think I am a fun guy to be with, yes (smiling). I don't know. Maybe other guys will say differently. But I'm very positive always. I don't wake up and I'm never grumpy, to be honest. So I hope that makes me a pretty good husband and a pretty good person to be around and a good teammate and all that stuff.

Of course, there are days I'm also a bit more tired, but I like to have a good time, and I'm happy I'm getting along very well with all the players. I'm looking forward to the Laver Cup where we're going to be all on the same team, spend some time with Novak (Djokovic), as well, which I haven't spent that much time with, so I'm looking forward to that, for instance. 'Spending a week last year at the Laver Cup with Rafa was very cool, because we spent so much time in the locker room together and sometimes also facing each other I think that's what's kept a lot of guys on tour is the good camaraderie we showed to one another, and I think maybe Rafa and myself have maybe led the way a little bit from the times when I came in the locker room.

There were fun moments but there were also serious moments. But I had the generation before me, the likes of (Carlos) Moya and (Tim) Henman and other, (Pat) Rafter and (Gustavo) Kuerten. They were wonderful for the game and they would make you feel extremely welcome on the tour, and I'm extremely grateful to those guys. 'Like we spoke about (Daniel) Nestor, having guys like that in the locker room I think is really important for shaping your character, as well.

So I think there is a lot of great guys, actually, maybe more than you think.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer fumes at Cincinnati Masters umpire: 'Just say: "I am sorry"