Roger Federer: 'We are happy that Novak Djokovic is ranked higher now'

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Roger Federer: 'We are happy that Novak Djokovic is ranked higher now'

Roger Federer has not been winning the US Open for a decade, but the Swiss player definitely loves to compete in the fourth calendar Grand Slam of the year. Speaking to reporters on Friday, Federer commented on the Next Generation desire to win on the big stage.

'It looks like the next generation has broken through even more so now. They still need the win of a slam, the win of a Masters 1000, whatever you want to call it, they still need to make that step. But they're definitely knocking on that door and there is some exciting talent around.

U.S. Open, I'm sure, is going to bring some energy to them as well, wanting to really make the breakthrough here That's anyway how I felt way back when coming to New York. I wanted to break through here or at Wimbledon.

But here was maybe the cooler place, especially when you're young and fearless.' Federer could face the Serb Novak Djokovic in the quarter-finals, which would be the re-edition of the Cincinnati final won by the 31-year-old.

'Sure, you sometimes wonder, is it easier to play guys with not such a resume like Novak so early in the tournament. But I could have also played Novak in the fourth round if he wouldn’t have made a move in the rankings (by winning in Cincinnati).

I think we are all happier that he’s higher ranked so we don’t have to face him already in the first round.' ALSO READ: People are upset because Roger Federer didn't win Wimbledon, says Rusedski