Roger Federer: 'Why having press conference after a 6-2 6-2 win?'

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Roger Federer: 'Why having press conference after a 6-2 6-2 win?'

Roger Federer is always very available with media during tournaments and he spends a lot of hours in the event site giving interviews. Federer speaks English, Swiss-German and French, he has 11 endorsements and so his popularity needs to always be up.

Commenting on his activity with media, Federer said: 'I feel like I'm happy I did everything that I did with promoting the game and doing press conferences in three different languages and the same thing for radio, TV, magazines, newspapers, you name it.

I think it was only the right thing to do. Do I think it's sometimes a bit excessive? Yes, no doubt. I don't understand the reason to do maybe a press conference after a 6‑2, 6‑2 win, but that's the rules of the game and I will be part of that.

That's fine. And today I'm in a place where I feel like less is more, because people already know a lot about me. I think the stage is also for other players to make a name for themselves and either do more media, do more promo.' Federer's role models over the years changed, as he explained himself: 'Usually used to be family and friends back home.

Always felt strange when they were all sitting there. Normally you'd be sitting at dinner tables or coffee shops, and here you are now playing in front of them. It just felt awkward. Then it was when legends of the game came out to watch you play: Bjørn Borg, Rod Laver, Stefan, Becker.

You saw them around and you're like, Ah, these are the ones I used to look up. I want to make it extra special and I feel like I have to impress them or play a bit out of my‑‑ you know, just come up with something that they might think is, wow.

And then you realize it's actually better to win the match than win a few "wow" shots, so you go back to basics. That's kind of where it's hit me the most usually, when those kind of people have sat in the stadium.

Today I'm a bit more laid back about it, thankfully.' ALSO READ: 'Serena Williams' extravagant outfits won't be accepted at French Open