Roger Federer reveals what was the pinnacle in his career

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Roger Federer reveals what was the pinnacle in his career

What's the Roger Federer's best milestone in career? The Swiss player thinks that the 20 Grand Slam titles record is very important, but he believes that winning Wimbledon and becoming world No. 1 for the first time was something unbelievable for him.

Asked about what he felt when he broke Pete Sampras' Major titles, Federer replied: 'Everything was big in the moment when I it. In that moment when I did break a record or when I tied it, that was what was magical about it, not really like having it.

It was the moment when I passed something. When you can play for history and you do it, that's what is so really cool, is that you can then be compared to other greats or you've passed another great. Even though it doesn't mean you're better than him.

But it's just like that moment you've gone into the unknown where nobody else has ever been before. So I can really tell you when it's all said and done, because my career went so much better than I thought it would anyway.

I said it a million times, but it's so true. Having won Wimbledon and become world No. 1, that's for me the pinnacle when it all happened. World No. 1 makes the entire year consistency, being there, winning tournaments, day in, day out on the ATP Tour, the grind.

That, for me, stands out besides winning Wimbledon, because that's where my heroes won and where I wanted to win as a player.' ALSO READ: 'Serena Williams' extravagant outfits won't be accepted at French Open