Marco Chiudinelli: 'Roger Federer and I were screaming, tossing rackets'

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Marco Chiudinelli: 'Roger Federer and I were screaming, tossing rackets'

Marco Chiudinelli is a close childhood friend for Roger Federer. They have been knowing as kids and last year, Chiudinelli retired from tennis at the Swiss Indoors in Basel. Federer was on the grounds and got emotional. In an interview with ESPN, Chiudinelli recalled their bad behaviours during training sessions: 'We met when we were six.

From the beginning, we were friends. We practiced together. The first time we played a real match was a tournament series in Switzerland. You play up to nine. I won that one. That was the only time I won. We had funny matches. We were very emotional.

We got warned by the supervisors. We were playing on the sixth court, in Bern, so people could only watch on the terrace of Court 1. Imagine how much noise we made that people would complain and send the supervisor to Court 6 to warn us.

We were screaming, tossing rackets. It was never against the other. You just got frustrated by your own game, your own mistakes. We walked off the court as we walked on, as best friends.' The American Frances Tiafoe commented on his five-set loss to Federer at last year's US Open: 'I was ready to go.

Let's beat him. Let's do something crazy in New York. Let's get the crowd behind me. I'm a crowd-pleaser myself. I came out playing great tennis. I was serving well. It was an unbelievable match and something I'll remember forever.

He stepped up. He's so good at stepping up at the big moments, so good at taking time away from his opponent with his feet. It's like he's playing ping pong out there. He pounces on the ball so quick. He measures the ball so well and creates crazy angles.

You can't read his serve. He's the GOAT for a reason.' ALSO READ Novak Djokovic: 'Roger Federer wasn't at his best, he struggled to move'