Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic: Roger Federer draws key differences

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Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic: Roger Federer draws key differences

In a recent interview, Roger Federer made a nice comparison between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic's games. The Swiss player faced the Spaniard 38 times, while he played against the Serb 46 times. 'Obviously, Novak hits flatter', Federer admitted.

'Don't know if you recognized that yet. Rafa is a lefty so that changes things around a bit. I think both do like to play from the backhand corner with their forehand obviously is their strength, even though their backhand is very consistent.

They return in very different ways, which makes them very different to play against. They're some of the best, if not the best, movers out there in the game, but they do move differently to one another, which is very interesting as well.

It just goes to show how many different styles work on any different surface these days. Like you say, I think they did turn defence into offence very quickly. I think the transition game today is so much more important than it might have been in the past where the great offence was enough or great defence was enough on clay, for instance.

Today, I think the way we all play, we need to be able to create transition very quickly from defence to offence, and both of very good at that.' Commenting on their movement, Federer added: 'Clay, I think they're very good, particularly Rafa.

I think he's the best. Both slide with an open stance on both sides, which was not seen before until maybe 10 or 15 years ago. They're not the ones that created it, but they do it on a regular basis very consistently than on hard court.

On grass, I guess the left had, the flick hand at the end helps. A great way of getting out of trouble and finding a good angle in a situation where you think they're out of the point. When the balance is not there, they still control their body and are able to flick it back and get back into the point, which is impressive.' ALSO READ: David Ferrer: 'It will be my last US Open. Facing Rafael Nadal is a gift'