Del Potro: I lost the respect and fear I had for Roger Federer

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Del Potro: I lost the respect and fear I had for Roger Federer

In an interview to GQ Magazine the world no. 4 Juan Martin del Potro spoke about the tense match he won against Roger Federer in the Indian Wells final earlier this year in March. The umpire Fergus Murphy had multiple conversations with both players who didn't like each other's behaviour. 'I lost the respect, the fear, I had for Roger,' admitted del Potro.

'I admire him a lot, but after the third set, I thought, "We are the same! We are fighting for the same trophy." And I was playing really good tennis, and I said, "Maybe it’s my only chance to win a title like this.

I changed my mindset." When he was angry with the umpire, I said to myself, "Okay, it’s time to play at the same level as him." After that set, I played much better than him.' The 29-year-old also recalled his wrist issues that started in 2010: 'I was number four in the world.

I had surgery after the Australian Open. I lost that year recovering.” When he returned to the tour, the pain began again, this time with the left wrist. “I had two more surgeries, but it didn’t help. I was close to quitting tennis because I couldn’t deal with the problem.

I got depressed. I was young, but I was really sad every day. I started looking forward to having a different life because I was suffering so much with my problems. During 2014, I was trying to fix my problems doing different treatments, seeing different doctors, doing everything I could.

Finally, in 2015, I say, It’s enough for me. It’s time to close this suffering. I went home to Tandil and I start to think, What else could I do if I’m not a tennis player anymore?' For del Potro, it was really a living hell.

'Two months at home doing nothing, depressed,' he admitted. 'Those were really horrible days. I couldn’t move my wrist. I couldn’t run. I would just wake up and look at the time on my phone. I was suffering a lot with myself.' ALSO READ: Toni Nadal: Federer could distance himself from Rafa by winning US Open