Roger Federer recalls first career-title in 2001 Milan: 'Big moment for me'

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Roger Federer recalls first career-title in 2001 Milan: 'Big moment for me'

Roger Federer recently recalled his first career-title won in 2001 Milan. The Swiss player was surprised at the time to triumph in that tournament. 'Well, I didn't come in thinking I was going to win the title, but I knew I was playing well indoors.

I was really close against Rosset earlier I think in Marseilles. I lost 7‑6 in the third, which is obviously very, again, emotional, because it was against a fellow Swiss. He was like my bigger brother. He kind of taught me how things worked on tour besides my coach and so forth.
So it was very awkward in a way of playing him in the finals.

Back then everybody was serving and volleying indoors. There was not much you could do sometimes. Almost won and then ended up losing. I think my second finals was in Basel. I played amazing against Enqvist and ended up losing that, too.

So I thought, Oh, God. Here we go. I'm never going to win a tournament.
And then when I won Milan, obviously I was extremely relieved and just very happy. I played great. I think I beat Kafelnikov in the semis and Boutter in the finals.

It was a big moment for me. My family drove down from Switzerland. I don't remember if we celebrated or not, because I think they left right away afterwards. But my closest friends and family were very happy for me.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: 'Someone will replace me and Roger Federer'