Roger Federer speaks about gluten-free diet for an athlete

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Roger Federer speaks about gluten-free diet for an athlete

Roger Federer never tried the gluten-free diet, that became popular in the tennis world especially in 2011 when Novak Djokovic revealed that the biggest key to his success was just it. Federer was asked if he could ever try the gluten-free food.

'I don't even know what that all means', the Swiss player commented. 'I eat healthy, and I think that's what people should do, too, if they have the options. It's sure important the right diet for an athlete.

Is it everything? I don't think so. It can help you, you know. I mean, I think every athlete should be in good shape. I don't think we should have any fat athletes, to be honest. We do too much sports and we should be too professional to let that happen to ourselves.

If it happens, well, we should wake up. You don't have the right entourage. They're not telling you that you're a bit fat. Players try different things, and whatever works for them. I do my thing. It's been very easy and natural and healthy, and it's worked.

I'm happy about that.' Federer was also asked if becoming a father twice helped him to put life in perspective. 'I don't need it', he replied. 'I've always been at peace with the game or without the game, and my kids are the best anyway.

It's changed our lives forever, obviously. Very thankful, that we have been so fortunate and that the girls are such nice, cute kids. It's just more.' ALSO READ: Mats Wilander explains why Rafael Nadal didn't play great vs Khachanov