Roger Federer reveals why number 8 is special for him

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Roger Federer reveals why number 8 is special for him

A lot of players are very superstitious. Is Roger Federer superstitious as well? If so, what sorts of things do does he try to avoid on the court or before a match? And what attachment does he have with the number 8? 'No, 8 only because I'm born on the 8th of the 8th (month) in 1981,' Federer clarified.

'I like that number. So not that much more to it, to be quite honest. And then, no, I'm not very superstitious. I don't know how much I can tell you. I can try to dig and tell you -- I just try to be on time, so I'm not late for my matches, because, you know, I go back to the junior days where all of a sudden, it's, like, Okay, where is this kid, Roger? The match is on, and, I don't know.

You're nowhere to be found, and you're, like, playing games with your friends in the forest and, they're like, Okay, match, and, sure, here you come. I'm always scared I'm going to miss a match because I'm stuck in traffic.

I just like to be on time wherever I go. On the court itself, I have no superstitions, to be honest. I don't mind stepping on lines. I don't mind which side of the court I sit on or which racquet I start with. No, thankfully not.

I always told myself, also, the box doesn't have to sit the same. You know, I know everybody has different -- I'm not like that. I always said, if it's another round, I can still play tennis. That's better if they're there.

I just want it to be independent, to be honest. I think that's what it is, as well.' ALSO READ: 'Kyrgios needs to be dedicated to compete with Roger Federer' - McEnroe