'It was great to grow up with Roger Federer, Nadal, Williams' - Schiavone

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'It was great to grow up with Roger Federer, Nadal, Williams' - Schiavone

Francesca Schiavone was inspired by the veterans like Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, or Serena and Venus Williams, to keep playing as long as possible. The Italian legend never kept her admiration hidden for these tennis aces, and in press conference at the US Open, announcing her retirement, Schiavone said: 'For sure one of these, one of the most things that are learning with this sport is to be a simple person, to be a human person, to have a good attitude.' Schiavone also added: 'I think we have many examples on the court, like Roger (Federer), Rafa (Nadal), Serena (Williams), Venus.

It's great for me to have had a chance to play and grow up with them. Sport is life. Because now that I am out from the court, I can say that everything that happen inside here is something special. We are always protect. When you are out, you have to fight with different things.

Now I am very happy that I found the way to fight, to go over my limits, to be every day much more Francesca. It's strange because I shouldn't cry. I should be happy. But it's like emotion and I can't control the emotion.

Every time that I could play tennis inside the court, it was emotion. That's why I was a little bit crazy, a little bit up, down. When I was young, everything was passed so much faster, so fast, so quick. And now when I hug someone, when someone stop me and say, Hey, congratulations for everything you did, that's fantastic for me.

So thanks to all the people that I couldn't say thanks because it was so fast, my life. Thanks for my fans, to my fans, because they were fantastic. Very happy to be here. Thanks to WTA, to US Open, to give me this fantastic opportunity toward my sponsor, and I would like to tell you something more, but it's better that I stop and I listen to you now.' Commenting on her win in Paris eight years ago, Schiavone said: 'Everybody remember me this moment.

I can say that every time that I speak about Roland Garros, something is going away, so I like to speak about Roland Garros, but some memories will always stay just for me. But there is a man over there that he was my physical trainer that he can, for sure, understand all the emotion that we passed together and that we lived.

It was a big present for me. I would say forever thanks.' ALSO READ: Why Roger Federer beat Rafael Nadal four times in a row - Tennis strategist