For the first time ever, Roger Federer honestly opens up on split with Nike

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For the first time ever, Roger Federer honestly opens up on split with Nike

On March 1 2018, the 24-year partnership between Roger Federer and Nike ended. The 10-year, $100 million contract that was connecting the Swiss player and the American brand expired, but Federer still wore Nike outfits at Indian Wells and Miami.

In June, Federer found a new men's apparel company, Uniqlo, signing a new ten-year, $300 million contract. For the first time, in an interview with The New York Times, Federer really opened up on the split with Nike. 'It was probably time to move on', the 37-year-old admitted.

'We had some tough negotiations 10 years ago, 15 years ago, so you get used to it. But it’s all good. We tried to work it out for a year, maybe even more than a year — and from my point of view, I thought I was being reasonable.

But everybody sees it differently. And what you see as your value may be not what they see. I’m happy to be proven right, with this long-term deal with Uniqlo.' Federer is set to meet Mr. Christophe Lemaire and the Uniqlo design team after the US Open, to talk about the next outfits he will wear in 2019 and so forth.

'To see what direction we want to go in, in terms of colour and designs and prints patterns', Federer, who is still in the United States as he competes at Chicago Laver Cup next, explained. 'And also I want to find out just how many different outfits they want me to wear during the season.

If they want me to wear just one outfit the entire season, then it will be very simple, but if they want to wear 10 outfits, then we obviously have a lot of work to do.” ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'I hope there won't be a player like me or Rafael Nadal'