Roger Federer reveals his biggest post-tennis career dream

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Roger Federer reveals his biggest post-tennis career dream

Roger Federer has many great dreams planned for his post-tennis career and the Swiss player is aware that he needs to be patient as tennis is still one of his top priorities. Speaking to about his biggest travelling dream, in an interview to CN Traveler, the world no.

2 said: 'I would love to travel to Africa more—my mom’s from South Africa, and we have a foundation there where we support kids for a better education. And I’d love to do more travels as well with cars, not just with planes.

I feel like traveling through France, traveling through Italy, in my dream I see a nice car with just a Rimowa suitcase, going into these beautiful restaurants or a nice place in the countryside, meeting people, with the family.

It would be so much fun to do—but I’ll have to wait till I retire!' Federer also spoke about his favorite hotel: 'Burj al Arab in Dubai has to be at the top for me. We spend a lot of time there, and have gotten to know it really well.' Federer last played the US Open.

The world no. 2 lost in the fourth round to John Millman in four sets. The unneeded Australian lost in the quarter-finals to the eventual winner Novak Djokovic. ALSO READ: 'Novak Djokovic will be world No. 1 and pass Roger Federer's 20 Majors'