'Djokovic is catching up with Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal' - Coach Vajda

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'Djokovic is catching up with Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal' - Coach Vajda

Marian Vajda will probably get the ATP Coach of the Year award when the elections will take place in November during the London ATP Finals. Vajda was amazed at seeing Djokovic winning his 14th Grand Slam title at the US Open beating the Argentinian Juan Martin del Potro.

'The 14 is a number. I mean, it’s amazing: 14!' said Vajda. 'Years ago, I would say that Rafa (Nadal) and Roger (Federer) went too far from him, you know? Too [far] ahead of him with the Grand Slams. Now I have a feeling he’s [catching] up with them.

He’s so close now, three from Rafa and six—OK, six is still unbelievable—away [from] Roger. 'Now we can expect him to really challenge to be no. 1 by end of the year,' added Vajda. 'But it’s still far away.' On Twitter, the Spanish coach Emilio Sanchez Vicario praised Vajda's work: 'His coach in Madrid tells me, "He's working so hard, in 2-3 months will be ready." He was ready after few weeks.

Rome and Rg were key to get the shape that he kept and improve. Congrats.' This year has also seen Vajda make a successful comeback as much as Djokovic. The Slovakian rejoined Djokovic's team earlier this year after splitting with him in 2017.

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