An American player on how it feels to train with Roger Federer

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An American player on how it feels to train with Roger Federer

In a recent article published in Tennis Takes, the 24-year-old world no. 1132 American player Elliott Orkin spoke about his recent training session with the Swiss Roger Federer at the year's US Open. Orkin was amazed by his experience and he also admitted that was very surprised by Federer's invitation.

'I didn’t have much time to mentally prepare as I found out 30 minutes before I was to go out on court', Orkin revealed. 'Safe to say there was a combination of strong nerves, but also great excitement to fulfill something I never thought would happen.' Orkin will never forget the experience he was able to live: 'Thankfully, I had a couple of friends take pictures and videos throughout the practice because if it wasn’t for that, I’m not sure I would remember it, considering I kind of blacked out for two hours.

Roger graciously took a picture with me at the end of practice and thanked us for our time. I wished him the best of luck in the tournament and that was the end of one of the greatest tennis experiences of my life. I wish I could have had the opportunity to speak with him more, but I know I can’t be too greedy.

Just to simply share the court with him was such an honor and a moment I will never forget,' he admitted. ALSO READ: Roger Federer: I hope nobody tries to copy me in the future