Roger Federer: Becoming a father pops bubble you are living in

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Roger Federer: Becoming a father pops bubble you are living in

Roger Federer is a father of four children, the nine-year-old girls Myla and Charlene and the four-year-old boys, Leo and Lenny. Commenting on what paternity means to him, Federer said: 'Normally when you have kids, it definitely changes to some degree your mindset.

For some who were maybe living in a bubble, that definitely pops that bubble and makes you think there's definitely something else in your life. I thought I always had a very good perspective, you know, on life and on where I wanted to go, how important tennis is to me, how important other things are in life to me as well.

I think I was always able to have a great balance. The world no. 2 also recognized, 'So when the kids came around for me, it was natural. It was something I always wanted to do with Mirka. You have nine months sort of getting ready for it while she's pregnant.

You sort of hope it all goes well, which it did. Obviously, it's busy, it's intense with twins, but I love every moment of it. I wouldn't want it to be any different. I don't regret having them while I'm playing.

I'm actually very happy I do have them while I'm playing. Yeah, maybe that day will come.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal could make important changes to his long-term schedule