Roger Federer analyzes Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic's weaknesses

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Roger Federer analyzes Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic's weaknesses

Roger Federer definitely had had more success before turning 30. But over the last few seasons, the world no. 2 had kept evolving becoming an even more complete player. Federer recently admitted he feels proud about it. 'I just think it's normal to improve as a player,' the Basel native said.

'Why should you move backwards? Confidence is one thing, but that can be temporary and that can fade as quick as it came really. But then you have a certain base that you can always work with. I think as time goes by, as much as you practice, actually the matches make you a better player.

I used to have a weak backhand. But then everybody played to my backhand. So obviously I was always going to improve my backhand eventually. I think the same thing kind of happened to many different players. I don't think Novak (Djokovic)'s forehand used to be a strength.

Today it's a weapon. Rafa (Nadal) the same thing. He used to struggle if you hit hard into his forehand. Today it's no problem for him anymore. It's interesting how you evolve as a tennis player. For me it's only logical to improve.

But you have to have the work ethic, the professional side of things, to sleep, drink, live healthy as a tennis player, because no one else is running but ourselves. We have no substitute. That makes it extremely difficult mentally.

I think the top guys have done actually really well trying to maintain that high level of play. Like, I said, I have also been amazed myself how long I've been able to keep it up. But I'm happy my level is still very high and my body's holding up.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal could make important changes to his long-term schedule