Roger Federer recalls an embarrassing moment during ATP meeting

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Roger Federer recalls an embarrassing moment during ATP meeting

Roger Federer recently said many times that he would like the Masters 1000s and the ATP World Tour Finals championship matches as best-of-five sets. The format changed more than a decade ago and Federer did not feel too happy about it.

'I remember sitting in a room in Shanghai where players were asked, Would you like it to be five sets or three sets, the year‑end final? Kind of went in a circle,' Roger stated. 'Everyone said best‑of‑three sets.

I was the only guy that said, "I think we should have best‑of‑five sets. Okay, let's make it best‑of‑three sets. I don't care." I do care actually. I think it makes for a great year end. Sure, you can see why maybe it's healthier to play best‑of‑three sets.

Maybe the year‑end could be a best‑of‑five set match. I do believe that yeah.' Federer also spoke about what makes the ATP Finals unique: 'I think the show's nice here. Ovations we get are amazing. I can't tell, but it seems like it's standing ovations.

That's really nice as well. It just makes a great setting at the O2. I really enjoy it. The fans are super polite. They know why they've come here. We try to perform every day, make something special happen. That I've been able to play so many matches on centre court over the years has been really nice for me.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal could make important changes to his long-term schedule