'I can eat everything': Roger Federer speaks about his diet in off-season

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'I can eat everything': Roger Federer speaks about his diet in off-season

In a recent press conference, Roger Federer spoke about his diet during the off-season. The Swiss player tries to relax as much as possible when he is not playing tennis. 'I can eat biscuits and everything, have fondue and everything, no problems, deserts 10 days in a row', Federer said.

'It's a good thing to work out and to eat healthy. That's what I do. I never have to be too careful. I think when it gets dangerous is when you get injured and you can't practice as much and all that stuff and you keep on eating the same amount, which you usually eat, because that's what you kind of need to be able to perform well.

No, I eat very healthy to start off with. That helps to cause from not getting any bigger and heavier, even though heavier means stronger, but not all the time.' Federer was then asked what kind of string tension and weight of the racquet you were using in this tournament? You change given the surface and everything.

'The weight has been pretty much the same for years. I have honestly forgotten the weight I have in my racquet. You should ask my guys there. The string tension I do know, because that's what I request on a particular match.

But this week I played the same tension, which was about 22 kilos. I play half synthetic, half natural gut. I've been playing that since 2002. So I've had pretty much the same strings for quite some time now.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal could make important changes to his long-term schedule