Roger Federer: 'Sometimes you wish Rafael Nadal, Djokovic were not there'

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Roger Federer: 'Sometimes you wish Rafael Nadal, Djokovic were not there'

Roger Federer often said that he would have not won so many titles if he were not pushed by the desire to improve in order to overcome his biggest rivals. And in a recent interview, the Swiss player reiterated the concept. '(Novak) Djokovic is a good sportsman, and we enjoy the tough rivalries through guys like him or (Andy) Murray or Rafa (Nadal), whoever it is at the top.

Makes you a better player. I think we're, to some degree, thankful that the other guy is around, too. Sometimes, of course, we wish that they weren't there so the road maybe to victory would be a bit easier, but at the same time, it's great playing against such good-quality players', Federer said.

How difficult it is to stay tough mentally even if you have had a lot of success in tennis? Roger Federer knows something about it, as he always had a very consistent and solid career. 'You concentrate on yourself, your game', Federer said.

'I don't think he's getting upset by like the opponents' play and stuff. I think it's more about his own game or the course or whatever it is. It's completely different in golf than it is in tennis. I've had my emotions under control for the last nine years now, so for me, that question, I don't need to ask myself if it's on my racquet or not.

I scream once in a while. That's because I like doing it, you know. It's not something I feel like I have to control. If it happens, it's not a big deal because it happens so rare now. I'm at absolute peace with myself.

Other players or other athletes do it differently to perform well, to remind themselves they need to get better or adjust or stuff like that. But, look, he's had a tough situation the last few months and stuff, but I'm sure he's gonna get back.'

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