Roger Federer: I was losing five sets because of lack of fitness

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Roger Federer: I was losing five sets because of lack of fitness

What separates players who are successful in fifth sets from those who aren't? Roger Federer tried to answer this question in a recent interview. Federer, who has played a lot of Grand Slam matches during his career, said: 'The five-set record is obviously a bit of a tricky one.

It depends on, I don't know, if let's say I go five sets today in the first two rounds, obviously I'll have the experience, the fitness. I'll be such a huge favorite in a fifth set. But I don't go five. So then I miss a chance to have maybe a better five-set record.

Early on in my career, I went more often five sets. It was 50/50 or I wasn't maybe the favorite to win in five just because of the experience, maybe lack of fitness, you know, pressure and all that. It depends on how it kind of starts.

I don't think James Blake is, how you say, not a fit guy.' He also continued, 'Yeah, well, he lost his first whatever, 10 or 12. Maybe it becomes mental at that point obviously. I don't think you can just put it down to fitness.

It depends on who you play, where it was. That's why that record -- it's great if it's positive, but what I just like about five sets, it gave me answers if I was fit enough or not and if I had still some stuff to work on.

For a very long time, I hardly ever went five until the match where I lost against (Marat) Safin 9-7 in the fifth. I had a match point in the fourth. I played great, but it was good again for me to see, can I last for that long period of time, because practice is not the same as a match.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal could make important changes to his long-term schedule