Roger Federer: Every umpire has their own style

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Roger Federer: Every umpire has their own style

Roger Federer recently broke his silence on the Serena Williams US Open fiasco, saying that tennis could use this incident to make some changes. Federer, who also has had some incidents with umpires in the past took a neutral stance to the Serena situation.

“It’s interesting but I think it’s important to look at it,” Federer told KVUE. “Every umpire has their own style, it’s just how it is in any sport.” He further added, “In tennis you might have an umpire that gives more coaching violations and another guy goes more to time violation.” “You might get one guy who knows that this guy misbehaves quite often so I’ll give him a warning quicker or I’ll be more lenient with a guy because he’s a nice guy and just can’t control himself.

I think it really depends on the situation.” He also hoped that gender bias doesn’t play a part in the modern game. “I hope it’s not the case but I think what happened, obviously there were mistakes along the way and there should be more discretion sometimes.” “At the same time, they have to do their job, that’s what we want them to do.

It’s been tricky but a really interesting case to study.” ALSO READ Dominic Thiem: Alex De Minaur has proved he's world class this year