'Novak Djokovic can overtake Roger Federer's 20 Majors', Italian journalist

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'Novak Djokovic can overtake Roger Federer's 20 Majors', Italian journalist

One of the most intriguing and unbelievably popular questions in the last months is about Novak Djokovic's chances to overcome Roger Federer's 20 Grand Slam titles record. Djokovic won Wimbledon and US Open titles to get to 14, equalling the American Pete Sampras and now behind of Rafael Nadal, who holds 17, and just Federer.

Can Djokovic beat Federer's record? The Sky Sport presenter Stefano Meloccaro thinks it's possible. 'He can, of course, if he keeps playing like this is amazing because he is as hungry as he was before, bloody as he was before and he also learned how bad it is when you do not win anymore.

It can happen. He can do it but hey, he still needs to win seven Grand Slam titles to overcome Federer. And there is Nadal in the middle and all the others. The answer is yes, he has all the chances being six years older than Federer to fight with him and with Nadal as well', Meloccaro said in an exclusive interview with Tennis World USA.

It is worth to try to become a good journalist now? 'Following your passions is always worth', the 54-year-old Italian suggested. 'You need to have a huge passion. You need to be sick, be willing to learn, be very curious, you need to be a little bit crazy because the first times you will not earn anything and you will rather have to spend money.

But nowadays the only hope you have to do something is to have passion and love for what you do. So if you have love and passion for journalism, you have to try to become a journalist.' ALSO READ: David Ferrer: 'It will be my last US Open. Facing Rafael Nadal is a gift'