'Ljubicic says Federer is the humblest person he's ever met' - Pundit

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'Ljubicic says Federer is the humblest person he's ever met' - Pundit

In June 2013, a couple of months after retiring from tennis in Monte Carlo, Ivan Ljubicic started his career as a tennis expert on Sky Sport Italy, analyzing and commenting for Wimbledon. Ljubicic worked closely with TV presenter Stefano Meloccaro, who felt privileged and lucky for this chance.

Ljubicic would keep working on Sky in 2014 as well, then at the end of 2015, he became Roger Federer's coach. Did Meloccaro expect the Croat to join forces with the Swiss? 'I was the first to tell this thing,' he revealed in an exclusive to Tennis World USA.

'When Ivan came to Sky, one week after I knew him I told him this thing: "For how I knew you and for the kind of guy you are, you could do with Federer what Brad Gilbert did with Andre Agassi. Which means switching from being his colleague to friend and coach.

He laughed a little bit and said, "Yeah, maybe." I mean, I know something about tennis!' Ljubicic almost never gives interviews, and so we know less about their co-operation. But Meloccaro still revealed an interesting thing: 'He spoke to me about Federer as the most available person to learn and the humblest that I ever met with.

And you can see it on court. At 35, 36, 37 years of age Federer is still able to change his gamestyle and this thing touched Ivan a lot because he did not expect such a humility from a such champion.' ALSO READ: David Ferrer: 'It will be my last US Open. Facing Rafael Nadal is a gift'