Sponsors do not affect my schedule, says Roger Federer

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Sponsors do not affect my schedule, says Roger Federer

Roger Federer is connected by 12 endorsements of which many are associated with the tennis world. For example, Rolex is the title sponsor of the Monte Carlo, Shanghai and Paris Masters. But in the recent years, Federer has just played in Shanghai which has, among others, a sponsor in Mercedes-Benz.

Does the title sponsor affect Federer's schedule? 'At the end, every sponsor is the same every tournament I play,' Federer said. 'It's good to have those partners that don't force me to do anything, seriously.

Whenever I want to do the photo shoots and all that stuff, I know in a certain amount of time you also need to do appearances or photo shoots or film commercials, whatever it is, or quick meet-and-greets, all that stuff. I completely understand.

But they don't have any control over the schedule I choose. They politely ask, Are you playing? Okay, you're not playing, we understand. It's a big pity for us, but we understand. They understand the big picture. Rolex is definitely at the very front of those.

They are so into sports, so they know what it means. Especially to Arnaud Boetsch, who I have a very close relationship to. So he understands,' admitted the world no. 2. Federer also said that he would deal with media in a different way: 'Sometimes instead of always doing the classic press conference maybe throwing in the occasional roundtables.

Maybe after a routine match where the headlines maybe are on someone else, not have me do a press conference but maybe have me do more when there was more happening. Play it more by ear. But then I understand you have international press and they need something maybe every other day from a particular player they're traveling for.

So it's hard, but I don't know if it's ever gonna change because it's become a routine now for everybody.' ALSO READ: David Ferrer: 'It will be my last US Open. Facing Rafael Nadal is a gift'