Roger Federer shares Novak Djokovic's biggest strength

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Roger Federer shares Novak Djokovic's biggest strength

Roger Federer likes Novak Djokovic and in press conference the Swiss revealed what he thinks the biggest Serb's strength is. 'For me, he's got a winner mentality', Federer said. 'There is no panic. Doesn't matter the score.

If you're up and down, and we were up and down today, I see the same Novak. It's like, okay, let's dig ourself out of this hole. Let's go if you are in the lead. There was just no sense of panic. It's just like, you know, go through point-for-point mentality, and I think that's what champions do very well, and Novak is obviously one of them.' Djokovic felt for their loss on Friday against Jack Sock and Kevin Anderson.

'You want to have the best chance to win, but as Roger said, I haven't really talked doubles tactics too much because I personally haven't played doubles too much', Novak said. 'So everything happens so fast.

When you have someone serving like Kevin and Jack Sock that is very experienced at the net and just picks up everything around and just reads plays so well, it's completely different approach. Speaking to Roger, today while other guys were playing singles from Team Europe, and before the match and on the court, as well, just making some funny comments that we will just keep it in the locker room, it was great fun.

It was really amazing experience. Of course, the result is not what we hoped for, but, you know, I'll carry this forever, definitely in my career.' ALSO READ: 'Roger Federer should never play on clay again' - Andy Roddick