'I find it quite disappointing': Roger Federer shares his anger

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'I find it quite disappointing': Roger Federer shares his anger

In a recent interview to the Chicago Tribune, Roger Federer explained the reasons why they created Laver Cup and the differences between this event and Davis Cup. 'I don’t think you can (compare it)', Federer said.

'I mean, sure it’s a team event, so there are similarities to some extent, but just having a different nationality on the same team is not something we really have in tennis, and it’s a three-day event. It’s fast, and it’s something to honour the great legends of the game in the world, Laver being one of them.

But it goes beyond Rod Laver for me because, in tennis, we don’t have much of a platform for retired players. They commentate or they coach. And I find that quite disappointing. The Laver Cup gives a platform, like (Bjorn) Borg/(John) McEnroe being captains. Patrick McEnroe and Thomas Enqvist being coaches.

The idea (for Laver Cup) was to have the different generations, so you would have young guys on the team who could rub shoulders with the likes of Rafa, Novak, myself and then rub shoulders with the likes of a Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe.' In the meantime, speaking to The Telegraph, Federer commented on his possibilities to play 2019 Davis Cup in November: 'I have not spoken to anybody yet.

If Stan [Wawrinka] is not playing, then you have to ask yourself a serious question. If I am not playing, Stan has to ask himself the question. I don’t know if Severin [Luthi] is continuing, so let’s try to catch things all together and glue them together and we will see.' ALSO READ: 'Roger Federer should never play on clay again' - Andy Roddick