Roger Federer: 'Everybody has a chance to win on any surface'

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Roger Federer: 'Everybody has a chance to win on any surface'

Roger Federer feels that there is not any specialist on specific surfaces in tennis anymore. The 37-year-old believes the game has slowed down much over the years. 'The tour is kind of mainstream, that everybody's got a chance on any surface', Federer explained.

'Before grass was really quick, indoors was lightning, outdoors was medium sort of, clay was slow. It's not that way any more, you know. We have much more medium-paced outdoor. Indoors has also been slowed down. Grass has been really slowed down.Everybody's got a chance now in a way.

So in a way it makes it more easy but more difficult at the same time. Hard to say. I kind of like, you know, medium pace because it gives you the option to do a bit of everything. But I don't know if it's entirely fair to all the players.

Look, that's just how it is.' Federer has a special string combination, filament and gut. Usually players have the strings the other way around. 'For me, that worked. I've seen other players playing the way I do, but mostly play the different way.

I've done that also in 2002 already. I was actually one of the first to make that switch, breaking so many strings. It's given me much more control. I'm happy that it's been working. I think the strings have really also changed the game a little bit because everybody tried to slow down the conditions, so the players had to react in terms of getting control back.

It was not so much the power that made it - how do you say - the effect of winning or losing was more actually not missing. That's what we have today, that kind of problem, no one is going for enough any more.' ALSO READ: 'Roger Federer should never play on clay again' - Andy Roddick