Roger Federer: As a kid, I was very sad and down on myself

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Roger Federer: As a kid, I was very sad and down on myself

What keeps Roger Federer grounded, season-after-season after all the successes he has had in tennis? The Basel native believes his origins are crucial in the process. 'Friends and family. You have your own way of life. I've gone through a very interesting phase in the last ten years, tried to get to the top and staying at the top and facing many different things.

Media, sponsor, fans, big occasions. And for me, I've never had a reason to kind of get crazy about it. I kind of had enough time to grow into the position, you know, because I didn't come up through juniors and then right away won Wimbledon.

It took me a few years. Maybe that was the time to allow me a lot of time to grow as a person first,' Federer said. Federer is very different than when he was at the beginning of his career. The Swiss player now deals with disappointments and errors better.

'I was too much of a perfectionist when I was young,' Federer admitted. 'I could never accept any mistakes. I would always commentate every point, you know. It was just terrible, you know. I couldn't control my emotions, you know.

I would be a very sad person on the court, very down on myself all the time. And eventually I just got it together, you know. But it took me a long time. I thought by the end of my teenage years I would figure it out, but it took me till the beginning of my 20s to really get to understand what I had to do.' ALSO READ: 'Roger Federer should never play on clay again' - Andy Roddick