Ferrero: If I were as successful as Roger Federer, I wouldn't have retired

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Ferrero: If I were as successful as Roger Federer, I wouldn't have retired

It's now been six years that Juan Carlos Ferrero retired from professional tennis. The 37-year-old gave his farewell to tennis in October 2012 at the Valencia Open and in an interview to Diario Sur, he explained why. 'I retired because of my body,' Ferrero said.

'I did not feel well at the competitive level. If I achieved Federer's results, I would have kept playing as well. He picks his schedule well and plays a few tournaments.' Ferrero became a world no. 1. How did it feel to be the best? 'It's something difficult to describe.

I feel that I did things very well for a lot of time. It was a dream since I was a kid, and achieving it was like a rest. Then you set other kinds of goals: this Grand Slam, this tournament and so on and so forth.' Ferrero rejected an offer to relocate to Florida and train with Nick Bollettieri in his academy.

Why? 'I preferred to train near home and you had no reasons to leave because I was continuing to have good results. I trusted a lot on my team. For me going so far at 13 years wasn't ideal. I did not even think about it.' Ferrero currently runs an academy in Spain.

He was Alexander Zverev's coach from mid-2017 to January 2018. Zverev and Ferrero parted ways after the Spaniard said that Zverev was not punctual when it came to training. Zverev, however, said that there were problems between his coaching team (which includes his father) and Ferrero.

Zverev is now being coached by Ivan Lendl. ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'My dream was playing Wimbledon, not being a millionaire'