I hope nobody takes banned substances, says Roger Federer

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I hope nobody takes banned substances, says Roger Federer

Are there tennis players taking drugs on the tennis circuit? Rafael Nadal said that it's impossible to cheat and keep playing tennis, and Roger Federer thinks similarly. 'I don't know,' the Swiss said. 'If there are players taking anything, I hope not, because everybody wants clean sport.

This is also why maybe they are checking now. Obviously, I only prefer about what we did before because just, you know, you're used to it now. With the blood, you know, it gets a little more personal maybe. I don't have any problems because I don't have any worries.' Federer also made a comparison between Sampras and Agassi: 'Pete and Andre are different players.

When I was young, Pete was my favorite; Andre was never really my favorite player. Just more special in Wimbledon anyway than in Miami, even though I like that place a lot. It's just got more tradition back in Wimbledon. So you can never, ever compare the match to anything, so.' The Basel native was also asked if Andre Agassi was his idol as a kid.

'Never actually paid too much attention of Andre, honestly. I was more about Sampras, Becker or Edberg. I didn't follow his career as closely as the other players. But once I got to play him in 1998 when I was 17 years old, back in my hometown, started to obviously think that was one of my highlights of my career at that point.

Lost 2-3, which is normal. But it was nice to play against such a champion because you never know when they retire, and you never know if you get a chance again. I was lucky enough to play him six times.' ALSO READ: 'Roger Federer should never play on clay again' - Andy Roddick