Novak Djokovic explains how relationship with Roger Federer changed

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Novak Djokovic explains how relationship with Roger Federer changed

Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic played doubles togerher for the first time at the Laver Cup in Chicago, but recently, the Serb clarified they will still be willing to win when facing each other in singles. 'As for Federer and his rivalry with me, there will be no change,' Djokovic said.

'Both he and I have pointed out to the media in America that this will strengthen our relationship. We had the opportunity to meet one another as never before and, of course, have even more respect for him because I have managed to get to know him better.

I saw him practicing, how he warmed up, how he got ready for the match. But the Laver Cup will not affect our rivalry. This rivalry has contributed to the great popularization of this sport in the world, as well as to my rivalry with Nadal and each other and this is something that people are looking forward to whenever we enter a tournament and these are the matches you want to see and there nothing will change.' Djokovic also explained how the elbow injury affected him: 'I had to change my game, especially my serve, as a result of the surgery.

I didn’t expect to come back so quickly. I was in the unfamiliar situation of losing more matches than I was winning early on this season and when that happens, you begin to wonder whether you’ve made the right decisions.

Now that my confidence is back, I am hungrier than ever to win more Grand Slams. I had to learn to be patient. I am a different player and a different person than I was three years ago.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title