'I had tears in my eyes' - Roger Federer recalls 2009 French Open last game

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'I had tears in my eyes' - Roger Federer recalls 2009 French Open last game

In an interview to L'Equipe Roger Federer recalled the unforgettable 2009 French Open final win over the Swede Robin Soderling that he defeated in straight sets. That was the only triumph at the tournament for Federer out of five finals played.

'When I left the chair to serve for the match, I had tears in my eyes but I told myself, The moment to win Roland Garros came, I was aware that the match could have turned from one moment to another', Federer admitted. 'I was not able to control emotions anymore.

That title was like a dream for me: the crowd supported me, some matches were almost dramatic but I would do all of this again in order to lift the trophy. I had the same strong emotions during the Davis Cup final as well. In the third set I was leading 5-2 and I had to serve for match and title.

During the last two changeovers, I started seeing that people were ready to celebrate... In these moments I may not have noticed it, but I did not manage to control what I was going through.' A dream that Federer will never be able to achieve is having a two-handed backhand: 'For me it's an impossible shot because it does not come natural to me to do it, I barely manage to get the ball back.

Seeing how other players hit the ball using both hands fascinates me. I always dreamed to have that backhand, why not, the (Andre) Agassi's.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title