Novak Djokovic: Roger Federer's success says everything

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Novak Djokovic: Roger Federer's success says everything

Novak Djokovic has never hidden his admiration for his rival Roger Federer. The two players have faced each other many times on the tennis court and they have always enjoyed facing-off against each other. Djokovic defeated Federer in Cincinnati final in August in straight sets.

'The success that he has had, says enough,' Djokovic said in a recent press conference about Federer. 'He has won the most Grand Slams in history. He's rated probably as the best player in history. He has won everything that a tennis player can win and he's coming back for more.

He has a lot of respect from me, from all the players. There is no question about it. But we are all rivals, we are all opponents. I don't think about his history or his success or whatever too much when I'm on the court.' Speaking about Federer's overall game, Djokovic added: 'He has a variety, great variety, in his game.

He uses his serve very well. He opens up the court. He uses that slice really well to get the balls to bounce low. He's very aggressive at times. He can defend well. He's going to say better, but I think that grass courts are suiting his style of game the most.' Djokovic is training in Belgrade before flying to Shanghai and start his very short Asian swing.

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