Roger Federer: Handling praises is easier because of my success

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Roger Federer: Handling praises is easier because of my success

Roger Federer gets so many superlatives thrown at him for his great humility. How does he react to that sort of thing? 'I don't hear the commentary when I'm playing,' Federer'admitted. 'I don't read the papers the weeks when I'm in an apartment and usually, I only see the papers when I'm in hotels.

I haven't heard or seen anything. But I've gotten many, many nice things said about me and my game and everything. Definitely, appreciate that. They're very much easier to handle because of the success I had, whereas at the beginning, I thought it was quite difficult to get all the praises.

By then I still hadn't achieved anything. Now it suits me better.' Federer has been coming to America two-three times a year for a few years now. What quality of America does he like the best and what quality of Switzerland does he miss the most when he is in America? 'Maybe some some history would be nice in this country.

In Europe, we have such great cities with an incredible history that I know much more about. Obviously, you know, you have an incredible amount of space here, so you never feel cramped - except New York. Okay, this is now a special city.

But I think the people are very friendly, you know, open to tourists and everything. So I think that is very nice. Europe, obviously, it's quite different. Like it's different to Asia again, you know. I think that's nice, the changes we have in the world.

It's in a way a big place, but now with the traveling, it makes it quite easy to go and visit them all. I enjoy that.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title