Rafael Nadal brought something new to the game, says Roger Federer

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Rafael Nadal brought something new to the game, says Roger Federer

Roger Federer recently praised Rafael Nadal for his great technique and great body. The Swiss believes the Spaniard is a unique tennis player in some ways. 'He brought something to the game that we have not seen that much before or not at all,' Federer said about Nadal during a Laver Cup press conference. 'The amount of spin he was able to bring to the game, the physicality and the movement on clay, especially, I think is unmatched really.

And he's just a champion. From the beginning, I played him when he was coming up in Miami, and it was easy to tell that he was probably going to win at least a French Open if not more. And he didn't disappoint. He did much more than that and became a legend of the game.

So it's been a real privilege and a pleasure to play against him. We have had so many wonderful matches, especially at the highest of levels: in my hometown, at the Grand Slam level, at his favorite tournaments, as well, in Spain or wherever it was.

We go way back. Forever we will look back and will have enjoyed some of the moments that we had.' Nadal said: 'I never saw nobody with all the ingredients that Roger have, no? Big serve, big forehand, unbelievable movements, the slice, backhand.

It's just ‑‑yeah, it's true, no? And at the same time with unbelievable elegance, no? So I think what Roger did for the game during all these years, and he gonna keep doing for the next couple of years, is something very important for our sport.

He helps a lot to the game to step the game to another level of everything in terms of fans, in terms of interest around the world. So just I feel very happy to be part of the same era.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title