Djokovic: At one time, Federer, Nadal and I didn't speak to each other

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Djokovic: At one time, Federer, Nadal and I didn't speak to each other

Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have marked the last 15 years in tennis. They have gotten along well off-court, but in many tournaments, there was a very high competition level. Speaking about his relationship with Federer and Nadal, Djokovic recently said: 'I got closer to Rafa especially in 2013 during the exhibitions we played in South America.

As for Federer, we respect each other a lot. He gave me advice about fatherhood. It's good for our sport to send a message of respect.' Djokovic also revealed: 'We went through times when everything was going good but there were also times where the first one did not speak to the second and the second did not speak to the third.

But in general, everything was always fair.' Meanwhile, Nadal was asked about how this amazing era of men's tennis will be perceived in 20 years: 'I always say the same. I don't like to be arrogant. I don't like to talk about a part of the history of tennis where I am involved because going to sound very arrogant if I say this era is great.

A lot of eras are good. We had a lot of fantastic years in tennis.
I think this era is special because of the best players
in the world, they have the ability to be in the final rounds of most of the tournaments. That's created classic matches, good battles.

But at the end there are very qualified people from the press, from past players, can analyze much better this era than me that I'm inside, that I'm involved in.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title