Roger Federer: Many fans have tattoos of my initials on their body

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Roger Federer: Many fans have tattoos of my initials on their body

Roger Federer has million of fans around the world and some of them are a little "crazy." Many people have got tattoos of his initials on their arm or on other parts of the body. 'Yeah, not only on the arm! In Serbia, a fan of mine showed "RF" tattoo on his calf,' Federer said in Shanghai. 'In Buenos Aires a guy took his t-shirt off and on the pecs, there was a tattoo featuring my face.

It was really big. Let's say it's a very particular thing.' Federer is not only a very successful athlete but also a very famous man. 'This thing surprises me every time I get to places where tennis is a less popular game like in Europe or United States,' he admitted. 'When I went to Ethiopia for my Foundation, they recognized me on the street.

When I went to South America, 150 fans were waiting for me outside the hotel. It's crazy.' Asked when he understood to be not only a famous athlete but also a famous figure, Federer replied: 'I did not become famous all of sudden like it happened with Boris Becker at 17 years.

I do not feel myself as a famous figure. I am first of all a tennis player. My successes make me popular, not my image. If I have to mention a moment wheb my lie changed. I say 2003 Wimbledon. People started recognizing me since then.' Does it please him or does he find it bothersome? 'Both things.

Sometimes when I meet people they are always very nervous and anxious to see me. I try to keep calm and to calm down them as well. But there are moments when you would like to avoid certain situations. Fans always know that they can meet me on tennis courts, I like to sign autographs or take photos togerher.

But you have to keep privacy.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title