Roger Federer pushed me to improve, admits Rafael Nadal

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Roger Federer pushed me to improve, admits Rafael Nadal

Roger Federer was an inspiration and an extra motivation for Rafael Nadal. The Spanish player himself admitted it in an interview. 'For sure if you have in front of you an unbelievable player like Roger,' Nadal said. 'For me, the most important thing for me to copy of Roger, I think when he started to be no.

1, he has always improved. So after two years being the no. 1, he was a better player than before. I think he has improved during all his career. That's a very important thing. For me, that's something that I really need to do, too.

So if I want to be here for more years - I already have six years in the top two - I was for the last six years in the top-two because I always improved, too. That's my feeling. And if not, well, you always lose something, maybe lose a little bit more the inspiration than when you start.

So you have to work in other things. If you lose something for one part you have to improve for another part. So that's it.' Nadal also spoke about his first Wimbledon memory: 'I played juniors at the age of 15? 15, I think, or 16.

15 or 16. I don't remember, yeah. Maybe 16; 16, I think. So, yeah, was amazing for me arrive there. To play on grass, play on grass was amazing feeling. It different, different surface. Really special to play on grass. First time that I played there, I enjoyed it a lot.

I love it there, sure. I watched the tournament on the TV all my life, so for me, to just be there was a dream. The first memory is my first practice at Aorangi Park with Francis. I practiced with him. He was the coach of Felciano López at that moment.

I arrived there in the second week. Feli had to play the fourth round. I was practicing with him for one hour.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title