Ball kids need to be respected, Roger Federer tells Fernando Verdasco

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Ball kids need to be respected, Roger Federer tells Fernando Verdasco

Roger Federer recalls his time as a ballboy always with a smile. The Swiss player covered this role for a couple of years at his hometown tournament, the Swiss Indoors in Basel. In a press conference at the Rolex Shanghai Masters, Federer spoke about the controversial incident involving the Spaniard Fernando Verdasco with a ballboy at the Shenzhen Open during the semifinals match against the eventual winner Yoshihito Nishioka.

'Sure you always want to respect the ball kids for who they are and the great job that they're doing, but it's not easy for each and every player to control their emotions exactly', said Federer. 'The ball kids are really important to us because they are also maybe the future of our game.

I was happy when I left a tennis tournament, I felt like, 'oh man, it was just all good'. There were no negatives, so you don't want to have them leave feeling like, oh my god, like I was not appreciated or I was not liked or it was actually a horrible thing, you know? So yes, it needs to be taken care of.' Federer is the Shanghai Masters Ambassador and this is one of the highlights of the year for him.

'I like this part of the season', the world No. 2 confirmed. 'It's always been a good [swing] for me. Maybe [the] conditions get faster, I'm not sure… It's helpful I have a home tournament [the Swiss Indoors Basel, on the surface] and the [Nitto] ATP Finals.

I have been very successful, so clearly I hope for something similar again this year.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title