Light tournaments schedule is working against Roger Federer, says expert

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Light tournaments schedule is working against Roger Federer, says expert

Roger Federer's schedule since his knee surgery in February 2016 has changed and the Swiss player selectively picks his tournaments. The tennis expert David Law believes that it may not be so positive for Federer. 'It's a pretty severe fall away of form', Law said on The Tennis Podcast. 'You're not going to match necessarily of 69 and six, but still.

The time off, I wonder if that's now starting to work against him. He's not winning as many matches so it's not quite the same as going and winning two tournaments and having five weeks. If you're not winning that many matches then you're basically not playing.' Commenting on how much time Federer could still play tennis, Law added: 'Believe it or not, one day he won't play tennis because that's called getting old.

He's defied father time for an incredible amount of time and he may well still have a lot more left in him. I'm curious because there have been some losses this year. There have been some performance that have made you think he doesn't look quite like he did a year ago, or certainly the start of the year.

I wonder if it will be disappointments like that or whether it will be something more pre-planned in his mind that he's aiming for. His record from the Australian Open to Indian Wells this year was 69 wins, six losses. But since Miami of this year he has won 22 matches and lost six matches.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title