I had some tough losses against Roger Federer and Nadal: Marin Cilic

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I had some tough losses against Roger Federer and Nadal: Marin Cilic

Marin Cilic has been in the top-10 for several years and has reached the finals of three Majors and has won one Major. He lost the finals of the 2017 Wimbledon and 2018 Australian Open to Roger Federer. Speaking at the Rolex Paris Masters, Cilic said there are some benefits in playing in the same era as Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

'I look at them obviously always as positives, and I'm feeling the more times I'm putting myself in position to play against these top guys, it's an opportunity to do well,' said Cilic. 'It's also an opportunity to learn about my game, what I have to do better in order to progress as a player.

And I felt that these matches in the past have been really good to me. Obviously some of them were tough losses, but still, analyzing the game, analyzing what I can do better in terms of trying to get better and performing better on a consistent basis, those matches are the ones that are challenging me, always lifting me to play my best game.

I feel in those kinds of matches against top guys that I have to play well. I have to play to probably the top of my performance level. And that's also a challenging part to do it match after match and day after day. I feel the top guys are doing that throughout most of the year.

They have small lapses of performance in the game itself, and then I'm trying to do the same.' On his opening round match against Philipp Kohlschreiber or Robin Haase, Cilic added: 'I played Philipp for quite a few times in our careers and, you know, the matches have been always tough.

Philipp is a great player, and in my own sense, I feel with his kind of game and level that he in some cases was dropping the form here and there through the seasons. You can see looking at his results that every single year he's got some great wins, great results, but he had a little bit of a difficulty to find that consistency throughout the year.

And with him, it's always challenging. I have to play great. And also here it's a fast court. First match for me. He's going to have already one match under his belt if he wins. So I'm hoping that I can play my best.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'It's clear the RF logo will be returned to me one day'