Roger Federer: I do not feel above other guys. I respect past players

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Roger Federer: I do not feel above other guys. I respect past players

Roger Federer holds many records including the most number of Grand Slam titles (20) and most weeks as the world no. 1 (310). Speaking about these records, the Swiss said, 'I do not feel above other guys because if past players were not there, we would not have all of this.

They have been a source of inspiration for me. You cannot compare players who belong to different eras. It's impossible to make comparisons.' Commenting on the people's perception towards him, Federer added: 'Things changed quickly.

Media constantly remember us "If you win here, this will happen" or "If you get this result you will be the best of all time". When I started playing tennis, I did not think of all this. What I was wishing were not the records but just being happy.

Records came later. As a kid I was dreaming to play in front of 50,000 people to make them enjoy. I hope I did it.' Meanwhile Mark Philippoussis, who faced Federer in the 2003 Wimbledon final which marked Roger's first Grand Slam title, said: 'He (Federer) is very professional in everything.

He is able to handle his calendar to get prepared in the most important events, he is very smart and always reaches his best shape in the right moments. 'When we started playing tennis everyone realized that he was unbelievably talented but his weakness definitely was the mental aspect.

When he was losing a match, he did not play anymore. Then for him a turning point came: in 2003 Wimbledon fourth round he was unfit physically and he was about to retire from the tournament, but he still went forward and did not give up.

In the end he won Wimbledon and built all his career. For me, it was very important to win.' Federer added, 'Everyone says: What is the reason why you still want to win Wimbledon? The reason is in the question itself.

I still want to be there one more time and even before lifting the trophy, feeling nervous before a match point, showing how much I am competitive for my team, country and myself. There are too many reasons that motivate me to keep playing.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title