Roger Federer explains why he is not the greatest player ever

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Roger Federer explains why he is not the greatest player ever
Roger Federer explains why he is not the greatest player ever

In a recent press conference, Roger Federer explained why according to him he is necessarily not the greatest tennis player of all time. 'Being considered as the best player of all time excites me but at the same time I think that who knows how many other Grand Slams Rod Laver would have without the amateur-professional players split', said Federer.

Federer also reflected on when his retirement may happen: 'For me, the time to retire has not come yet and that's why I have not started to think about when I will retire because when you start reflecting on something it means that it's about to happen.

When you start getting questions about it, it means the end is near. The time where I will stop playing will depend on my body and what my family wants to do.' The Basel native feels extremely excited: 'Everyone says: What is the reason why you still want to win Wimbledon? The reason is in the question itself.

I still want to be there one more time and even before lifting the trophy, feeling nervous before a match point, showing how much I am competitive for my team, country and myself. There are too many reasons that motivate me to keep playing.' Federer was asked about how he manages to play even if being injured: 'Dealing with little niggles is normal.

I have been playing tennis for more than 20 years and if I did not suffer any pain it would not be normal. I cannot say in what exact part of the body I feel pain: one time on one side, one time on the other.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title

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