'Roger Federer is stubborn' - Coach Severin Luthi

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'Roger Federer is stubborn' - Coach Severin Luthi

Severin Luthi suggested that he had changed his way of motivating Roger Federer, in a recent interview to Le Temps. Luthi has been following Federer on the Tour for more than a decade, and he said: 'I have been working with Roger Federer for 11 years and the way to motivate him has also evolved.

A few years ago, he told me that I did not need to show him when he was doing the right thing during a match. But I know that he is happy to see me standing up on the grounds, I do it because it's also through those simple things that we create motivation.' Commenting on the challenges to coach such a great tennis player like Federer, Luthi added: 'Roger, like most of the champions, is very stubborn, which is first of all a quality for me.

A player who never listens and who never opens up will never evolve and will not reach the top. Roger opens up, he is interested and loves to speak. He speaks to us also for his schedule. We plan togerher when to practice, times for an endorsement or his Foundation commitments.

Sometimes I give him the training rhythm, sometimes it's him.' Asked on what Federer can improve, Luthi said: 'There are always technical innovations, even for Roger who has a fuori dal comune shots. What's crazy is that he wants to listen these technical details as well, even if he does not have any more lesson to receive.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title