Coach Severin Luthi: 'Roger Federer is my friend and boss'

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Coach Severin Luthi: 'Roger Federer is my friend and boss'

In an interview to Le Temps Severin Luthi commented on his relationship with Roger Federer both at the personal and professional level. Luthi has been the Swiss Davis Cup team for years and he is the boss there. But when he personally coaches Roger, Federer becomes the boss.

'If, for example, in the Davis Cup I do have to manage, for Roger, I am his employee,' said Luthi. 'It's very different than being a hockey team coach or a company manager where you are the club employee and not of a person.

If, I have to negotiate my salary, I do it with Roger. I do not say yes to everything. The most important thing is to be flexible to bring things in the right way. Obviously, in the end, it's always Roger who decides and for me it was 11 good years.

And I am careful about my personal motivation as well, not only his.' Luthi then made another example: 'Let's take Stanislas Wawrinka, who I helped in the Davis Cup team with Roger. He really became a friend of mine.

He is a person who needs to speak a lot, also on a personal level. There is not a clear limit. Roger is also a friend, but is still the boss.' Federer reached the semi-finals of the Rolex Paris Masters after beating Kei Nishikori in straight sets in the quarter-finals.

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