Roger Federer discloses details behind exhibition event in 2019 Japan

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Roger Federer discloses details behind exhibition event in 2019 Japan

In a chat to Tages Anzeiger Roger Federer revealed he is set to play a charity exhibition match next year in Japan, probably in the city of Tokyo, benefiting his Foundation, in co-operation with Uniqlo. Commenting on what venue could host the event, Federer said: 'The Ariake Coliseum is getting rebuilt for the Olympics so we probably won‘t be able to use it.

A lot is still unclear. I didn‘t play in Japan anymore since 2006 and thought that this (exho) would be the right thing to do. Maybe I could even organize a Match for Africa there. Bill Gates already told me he would support it.' Federer also spoke about his first appearance in the qualies: 'It is incredible how time flies.

For me already 1997 counts when I played the qualification even though the experts only count the starts in the main draw. But my first appearance in this hall was a big moment: Hey, I‘m allowed to be on Centre Court for the first time!' Federer also recalled his 6-3 6-2 loss to Andre Agassi in 1998: 'I thought: Andre Agassi – can you imagine this, it‘s so cool! It is crazy how long ago this is.

The first 10 years here have been completely different for me as the last ones. I was injured here for 3 consecutive years: 2003 I felt my back during the warm-up, then I had the torn muscle fibre (thigh, 2004) and then I twisted my foot (torn ligament, 2005).

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