Roger Federer recalls when he went to practice without rackets

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Roger Federer recalls when he went to practice without rackets

In an interview with Credit Suisse in Zurich Roger Federer recalled when once in late 2016, coming back from knee injury break, he forgot his tennis rackets at a training session in Switzerland. Federer even wrote a tweet about it when it happened.

Speaking about it, Federer said: 'I left so quickly (from home), I got to the practice court, my fitness trainer opened my bag and there were no rackets. I called my wife: "Would it be possible for you to bring me my rackets?" because you gotta go to Zurich anyway and I can't pass by the club anymore, I have to do my fitness warm-up.

She said, Sure no problem. So she got in the car, she brought the rackets, kids were in the car.' Just two days after his loss to Novak Djokovic in the Rolex Paris Masters semifinals, Roger Federer revealed that at some stage his kids were tired to see their father playing tennis.

Now they understood Roger's commitments and importance over the globe, but it was not that easy at the beginning. 'I got very sad in London, at the World Tour Finals. Next week, maybe three years ago, they were also crying', said Federer.

'Why you still playing tennis, they asked. I got really sad in the car, I told my coach, My kids are not happy with me always playing, always playing. And he said: "You are more with your children than probably any working-dad because you are always there, you are travelling with them 90% of the time, you see them in the morning, in the evening.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer explains why he is not the greatest player ever